Cryo Lift Stick

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Cryo Lift Stick

CryoStem Lift Stick™

CryoStem Lift Stick™ is the perfect home care product that offers the benefits of the DNA CryoStem™ biological cellular serum in a convenient and easy application form. This cryogenically preserved, fresh and active serum is a lower concentration than the serum used in the DNA CryoStem™ professional ampoule treatments. When used daily, the Lift Stick provides the dynamic skin rejuvenating benefits of cell-to-cell communication which helps deliver corrective properties to influence future generations of skin. When used in conjunction with the professional CryoStem™ Cell Therapy treatment, the Lift Stick continues the corrective, firming and clarifying benefits that were initiated with the professional service.

Skin Type: All

Key Features:
* Contains the key elements to correct, rebuild, influence, nourish, and preserve skin.
* Smoothes and refines the skin.
* Clarifies the skin and balances sebum production.
* Excellent firming and toning action.
* Extremely effective in reducing erythema (redness) after dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels (and/or other medical/aesthetics procedures that can cause irritation to the skin), and phototrauma (sunburn).