There's No Place Like Home!

Posted by Morgan on Nov 7th 2016

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting, I am living the busiest life right now! But to catch everyone up, two weeks ago I flew back home to Phoenix and was able to meet some of our biggest supporters!

First meeting on my trip was with the magical unicorn Alexia! She is the owner of Minx, a new gorgeous spa in Mesa. She gave me an amazing facial, like I had a comet sized zit on the side of my face and she zapped it into oblivion! It has been two weeks and my skin still looks crazy good y'all! If you don't go visit her new spa you are seriously hurting yourselves. Not only is she gorgeous, the spa gorgeous, and makes you gorgeous afterward but she also treats you like a longtime friend from the second she meets you! I look forward to having her in my life!!

While I was visiting with Alexia I met Misty of Southwest Whitening! She is just as gorgeous and friendly as Alexia which explains why they're such good friends. Misty fitted my mouth for a whitening kit and didn't even judge me as I drooled all over the place! (Ok but you guys, I don't think I have ever drooled that much in my entire life...I still feel phantom drool on my chin just talking about it.)

After all the pampering we drove over to My Girlfriends Boutique in Mesa to visit Alexia's daughter Emma...who wasn't there because she left work early...(I'm still bitter, Emma). But this boutique is to die for! Everything in there was so cute and affordable! If I still lived in Phoenix I would do all over my shopping there! Everyone needs to check it out, trust me!

Saturday I met with Kylee who does lash extensions and boy did my whole life change. I now view my life as BLE and ALE aka Before Lash Extensions and After Lash Extensions. They were gorgeous!!! It looked like I was wearing perfect mascara AND eyeliner! And they last for a long time!!! I just took mine off this weekend because I was really sick and kept touching my eyes (don't kill me Kylee!!)

While I love a good pampering, what really made me love the trip was how all these ladies love and support each other! It is a beautiful, diverse, large group of women who uplift each other and promote each other! There is nothing better in life than a great group of girlfriends and I feel so blessed to have made my way into theirs....even if just for the week (unless they all decide to move to Seattle *cough cough*)

I have tagged all of their Instagrams in the post for this blog so go check them out!

Love you gal pals!!

Until next time, cheers to good times and good skin