Okay ladies, now lets get information

Okay ladies, now lets get information

Aug 4th 2016

Information about multi-masking!!

You may have seen us post about multi-masking and had some questions as to what that is exactly, so we are going to tell you!!

So what is multi-masking??

Multi-masking is when you use different masks at the same time to target different problem ares. For instance, I have combination skin so some areas are oily while other areas are dry. Skincare products tend to only target one of those issues at a time, so instead of just using one mask, use multiple! If my forehead is acting all kinds of oily, I'll use a mask meant to help with oily skin on that area, and if my cheeks are as dry as the Arizona desert I'll use a mask meant for dry skin. It is the perfect solution for getting even skin!

Confused as to which masks you should put where on your own face? Shoot us an email with your skin profile and we will set you up with a map, a mask map if you will, to show you what products go where!

Now go out and kick some multi-mask!

Until next time, cheers to good times and good skin