Jul 29th 2016

Hi guys!

Want to know a secret to achieve clear, bright, incredible skin?

Come closer....

lean in....



Yes, you heard me right! It is as simple as drinking a good amount of water a day (and using Astara products obvi, lets be real those are a miracle)! I know there are a lot of people out there who hate drinking water, so I am going to share some tips to help you make it a habit!

1. Buy a cute water bottle: We are all guilty on buying things on a whim because we think they are cute, so see this as an opportunity to shop! There are SO many cute water bottles out there for such good prices! It is a little overwhelming, I won't even allow myself to walk down that aisle at Target anymore. Buy a cute water bottle, show it off, and stay hydrated all day long!

2. Set a goal for yourself: Once you buy an adorable water bottle, set a water goal for yourself. For instance, I try to drink at least 3 water bottle amounts a day. Some days I don't meet that goal and some days I exceed it! After awhile it will become a habit and you won't even need to keep track on what number you're on.

3. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning: Right after you wake up go drink a glass of water! This is so good for you! You just went 8 hours without water and your body is deprived! Drinking water first thing in the morning re-hydrates you, wakes you up, and can help jump start your metabolism as well! This is an activity that will also eventually become a habit!

4. Add fruit: One of my favorite things to do is put frozen fruit in my water bottle. This gives the water a natural fruity taste and it will help keep your water cold. I just buy the bags of frozen berries from the freezer section in the grocery store and add a fresh handful every morning before I leave. So simple! You can also add fresh lemon, mint, and cucumbers! So delicious and refreshing!

If you are reading this and rolling your eyes while thinking "Morgan, I drink plenty of water and still have dry skin!", don't fret, I have just the thing for you! Our Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer is a godsend and has saved me on numerous occasions when I lived in the dry Phoenix desert. It stimulates cellular regeneration, protects against free radicals, and intensely hydrates to restore youthful suppleness and radiance to mature and very dry skins. So refreshing!!! Trust me.

Until next time, cheers(with our water bottles) to good times and good skin,